Weekly Challenge

During the week we accumulate 0,5% of each bet to fill the Weekly Challenge pool.We will split 100% of our growing bonus pool between 5 players in the lists below each Sunday 00:00 UTC+2
Other challenges will come soon, stay connected !

Prize Pool: 0.1266 ETH and growing by each bet

Time until payout: 6d 18h 56m 14s

Current week challengers:

Chauster13.128 ETH25%0.0316 ETH
TribersLive3.242 ETH10%0.0063 ETH
Paladin1.740 ETH5%0.0063 ETH
Fractal21.603 ETH5%0.0063 ETH
PerchISsexy1.383 ETH5%0.0063 ETH

Current week challengers:

Paladin0.733 ETH25%0.0316 ETH
Chauster0.362 ETH10%0.0127 ETH
niukeo0.348 ETH5%0.0063 ETH
MythArrow0.219 ETH5%0.0063 ETH
PerchISsexy0.096 ETH5%0.0063 ETH