What is Crashdice ?

CrashDice.com is an social multiplayer ethereum gambling game where you can multiply your bet.

Here’s how it works:Place a bet.
Watch the multiplier increase from 1x upwards! Cash out any time to get your bet multiplied by that multiplier.
But be careful, the game can bust at any time, and if you don’t cash out before it bust, you’ll get nothing.

1x Instabust

Right off the bat, there’s a 1% chance of the game instantly busting. If this happens, no one can win anything.

House Edge

We have a 0.5% effective house edge (1% flat house edge from crash points and 0.5% house edge given to Weekly Challenge with guaranteed distribution to the winners)

New unique bonus system

0.5 % of each wager goes directly into the Weekly Challenge.
Every sunday at 00:00 GMT+1, we distribute the total pool value between the winners of the Weekly Challenge !
In other terms, this is a new unique way to reward regular players.

Our game is provably fair !

Crashdice.com is provably fair and you can verify the results of all our games using this link :
Bitcointalk Thread