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  • Top 10 Online Crash Games

    Crash gambling games are not as hard as it seems. They are very simple and have a line that goes up to multiply your bets to a point where it crashes. You can pay money at any point you want and it can be done automatically too. You can keep your victories if you can pay before the crash that may happen randomly. If you don’t, there are chances that you will lose all the bets till the next round comes. It is not an easy to find casino game. Here are some of the sites that offer the best crash games ever.

    • 1Win casino

    1win Aviator is a popular game on the site and what you have to do is to make one or two bets and cash out before the take-off of the plane. The screen will display the multiplier during the flight. The final number of victories will depend on these multipliers. 


    This platform makes use of the Trustless blockchain technology and runs on EOS blockchain’s smart contracts and all the aspects of the games are entirely transparent. Their crash game is a simple guessing game. The gamblers can decide on when to cash out before the crashing of the graph line. 

    • Crashino casino

    Crashino casino offers anonymous registration and simple deposit and withdrawal options using cryptocurrencies. With such a right online casino, you can get the most out of your responsible gambling. The Provably Fair games, Live Casino games, crash games, sports betting, etc are the top features of this platform. 

    • Stake

    The stake is a widely popular casino offering crash games and a series of other games for gamblers. The member base of this casino is large and they have many positive reviews from users. They are available in a wide range of languages.

    • Bustabit

    Bustabit was the first to launch Bitcoin Crash games and has gained wide popularity since then. As it is very difficult to predict the crashing of the curve in the original bitcoin game, it is very exciting and thrilling. Gamblers will surely enjoy the game.

    • Roobet

    The crash is a very easy-to-play crash game. It does not require any complex strategies or information to play. A Roobet crash video can help you understand the game quite easily. A safe and secure VPN connection is very important to play this game.

    • Ethercrash is a very popular crypto crash game site allowing players to make use of Ethereum to test their holding talent. The game can be considered a clone of the Bustabit game. The only difference is that Ethercrash completely concentrates on Ethereum for playing the game.

    • Moon3D

    This game is highly social as you have to play against your opponents to find the bonus in order to gain more profits. A game is always available as a new one starts as soon as one game ends. Therefore, you can play whenever you want according to your convenience.

    • NanoGames

    NanoGames offers the players four different games to play – Crash, Blackjack, HashDice, and NonceDice. The platform focuses mainly on crash games. The player gets six seconds before the game to place bets. If the player can stay longer, the payoffs increase. 

    • CrashBTC

    CrashBTC gives real-time play for the fans of Bitcoin gambling. The strategy guide of the site offers the players opportunities to increase their Bitcoin profits. The multiple support facilities are another attraction of the platform. When you start making real bitcoin profits with these games, you can seriously consider making a huge profit from bitcoin trading as a full-time job. With trading bots like bitcoin trader software, you can effortlessly trade crypto with a high win rate.